Street Division Updates

The fall sweeping has started.  Residential streets are swept quarterly, thoroughfares are swept more often. The crews will continue to sweep up leaves throughout the City and down town weather permitting, thru completion. Low hanging branches and vehicles parked by the gutters hinder the sweepers. They will go around, consequently there will be leaves and debris left behind.

Do not rake leaves into the street. Leaves blown into the street are a major problem for storm water systems. They clog both grates and pipes, contributing to back-ups and/or flooding. They accumulate in the pipes, not only contributing to reduction in flow but also ponding, giving mosquitoes breeding areas.

Stormwater systems are designed to collect and control runoff. They play a key role in preventing flooding, pollution and erosion. Stormwater systems include structures such as catch basins, ponds and ditches, which require periodic maintenance to ensure that they function properly. 

Patching and Crack Seal:
The patch crew has been busy filling in miscellaneous potholes and well as patching in next years chip zone. Crack seal has started in Zone F for preparation for next years chip seal. 

There are several signal projects throughout the city. Holly and Colorado is now complete. Northside and 6th Street N.  as well as the signals at Franklin and Star Rd.  some delays may occur at peak times.  The crew is also working on signals at Garrity & Flamingo and the Franklin & Idaho Center Blvd. corridor.  

Sign maintenance: 
Crews are repairing and installing end of the month miscellaneous signs that have been called in during the month. Regulatory sign repair is on going, as well as updating signs in Zones.