Street Division Updates

Street Sweepers are out sweeping debris off the mains, arterials,  and trouble spots. A full city sweep will be coming this spring

Stormwater systems are designed to collect and control runoff. They play a key role in preventing flooding, pollution and erosion. Stormwater systems include structures such as catch basins, ponds and ditches, which require periodic maintenance to ensure that they function properly. 

Tree Trimming:
We will have a crew working along side the Parks Department trimming trees February 22, 2021 in preparation for this summer's chip zone maintenance.

Miscellaneous cold patch will be used for potholes until spring when the hot plants reopen. If you see a pothole please let us know.

The signal technicians are supporting signal projects in the city. Northside and 6th Street N.  as well as a signal install at Lonestar and Middleton Rd. some delays may occur at peak times.  Cabinet cleaning and maintenance will begin this month.

Sign maintenance: 
Crews are repairing and installing end of the month miscellaneous signs that have been called in during the month. Regulatory sign repair is on going, as well as updating signs in the Maintenance Zones.