Arts & Historic Preservation Commission


About the Commission

The Arts and Historic Preservation Commission (AHP) consists of seven members who demonstrate a commitment to preserve and advance the city's unique history and cultural character and to advance the arts in the community. A minimum of two (2) commissioners shall have professional training or experience in the disciplines of architecture, history, architectural history, urban planning, archaeology, engineering, law, or other historic preservation related disciplines, as set forth in the Secretary of the Interior's Historic Preservation Professional Qualification Standards.



Term Expires

Roger Volkert

March 31, 2023

Douglas Waterman 

March 31, 2023

Darren Coon

March 31, 2024

Jordan Yankovich -Chair

Interior Designer 
Kovich Co Interiors

March 31, 2024

Christina Jenkins

March 31, 2022

Ron Wormser

March 31, 2022

Randy Haverfield, AIA

March 31, 2022


Meetings are held the second Monday of the month from 4:00-5:00 pm in the large Conference room on the 1st floor of the Nampa Development Services Center located at 500 12th Ave S.

An agenda for each meeting is posted on the official bulletin board in City Hall and on the City of Nampa website at least 48 hours prior to each meeting.

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval. For the most recent agenda and meeting minutes please click here.


If you have questions or need further information, please contact Kristi Watkins at 208-468-4434 or by email.
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What are the duties and responsibilities of the commission?

The Commission shall advise and assist the Mayor and City Council to develop, coordinate and promote the visual, performing and literary arts and heritage programs and policies for the enjoyment, education, cultural enrichment and benefit of the citizens of Nampa. In furtherance of these duties, the Commission shall have the following objectives, in addition to all other powers, duties and responsibilities of the Commission contemplated in Idaho Code § 67-4604:

1. To stimulate greater governmental and public awareness and appreciation of the importance of the arts, historic preservation, and history.

2. To encourage the preservation and growth of the City's artistic, cultural, and historical resources, and foster the development of a receptive climate for the arts, culture, historic preservation, and history.

3. To provide general assistance to Nampa's artistic, historical, and cultural organizations with information and encouragement.

4. To encourage opportunities for Nampa residents to participate in artistic, historical, and cultural activities.

5. To promote the development of Nampa artists, institutions and community organizations sponsoring arts, historic preservation, and historical activities.

6. To assess the arts and cultural heritage needs of the people of Nampa and make such information available to the City Council and all interested agencies and persons.

7. To encourage and coordinate the artistic, historic preservation, historical, and cultural activities of other governmental agencies.

8. To seek and encourage financial support, including grants, loans and guarantees to Nampa artists, arts institutions, historians and community organizations sponsoring arts, historic preservation, and history activities, subject to City Council approval.

9. To represent the public interest by developing and recommending policies that pertain to arts, historic preservation, and history to the Nampa City Council.

10. To advise the City regarding the costs, benefits and other issues of acquiring cultural assets and implementing cultural programming.

11. To appoint members of the community to subcommittees to provide support to the Commission.

12. To consider and recommend to the City Council such local laws and regulations, ordinances, special conditions or restrictions as may be necessary or desirable for the protection, enhancement and preservation of historic properties, as contemplated in Idaho Code § 64-4612.

13. To recommend to the City Council, within the limits of its funding, the employment of or the contracting with other parties for the services of technical experts or other persons as the Commission deems necessary to carry on its functions.

What types of things can the Arts & Historic Preservation Commission do?

(this list are examples and is not all-inclusive)

Historic Preservation

Initiates and acts upon applications to designate structures and sites as having historic, cultural or aesthetic value worthy of protection, enhancement or perpetuation;

Acts as curator of Nampa; solicits and maintains appropriate historic and art objects for the City;

Publishes a Walking Tour Guide of Historic Nampa;

Surveys and writes a description of historic sites;

Presents a Historic Preservation Award in recognition of individual or group excellence in preserving Nampa historic properties;

Designs monuments and markers;

Works with the City to help coordinate and oversee the Historic Façade Program;

Oversees public and private projects as they apply to the Historic Downtown core and individual historic buildings and places throughout Nampa.

Represents the city's interest in historic preservation matters; and reviews requests for historic preservation projects;

Accepts donations to the Arts & Historic Preservation Fund to enhance the City's artistic and cultural heritage;


Creates venues to help showcase talents of local artists of all ages;

Work in cooperation with the Nampa Civic Center in supporting, creating, and presenting public art, performing art, and visual art;

Encourages and sponsors art programs and events which are self-supporting in nature and coordinates joint events with the council, commissions and other organizations;

Further work to develop Nampa as a cultural community to enhance the quality of life for residents and to utilize the cultural arts as an economic development catalyst for the community;

Represents the city's interest in art matters; and reviews requests for works of art and/or murals;

Assists in the coordination of the Nampa Festival of the Arts;

Searches for sources of private, local, state and federal funds and grants available to promote the arts in the city;

Accepts donations to the Arts & Historic Preservation Fund to enhance the City's artistic and cultural heritage;

Offer advice and assistance in aesthetic matters of the city regarding community planning or in any other artistic activities that may be referred to it by the city.

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