Nampa School District Partnership


In order to enhance stormwater education and outreach efforts the City of Nampa formed a partnership with the Nampa School District. The Nampa School District educates students and the broader community on how they can reduce pollutants of concern in our surface waters. In return, the City of Nampa provides funding for water quality related educational materials, teacher stipends, and technical resources.

Walk on the Wet Side

Students from Nampa High School's Environmental Club learned all about storm water and how it affects local water quality. These students then spent an afternoon sharing this knowledge with students from Iowa and Centennial Elementary.

Walk on the wet side 140.JPG Walk on the wet side 140.JPG Walk on the wet side 142.JPG
Click here to see video of the Nampa High students in action.

Water Education Day

The Nampa School District will host their fourth annual Water Education Day on Saturday, May 14th, 2016. Students, teachers, and community organizations will have water quality related boths along the Wilson Drain. After looking at the booths, participants will be treated to a free lunch and an opportunity to create their own edible aquifer.

Water Day5_thumb.jpg Looking for Macroinvertebrates
Nampa School District students demonstrating the water cycle with a ground water model.
Photo Credit: Anna-Marie Vargas
Nampa School District students looking for macro-invertebrates.
Photo Credit: Anna-Marie Vargas