Outdoor Burning

Outdoor burning is allowed in the City of Nampa, as well as the surrounding county that is within the Nampa Fire Protection District.

A permit is required to do residential burning, which includes: weeds, garden & tree trimmings, branches, clean, dry untreated wood, irrigation ditches & fence rows. These are the only materials legal to burn with a burning permit.

Burn permits are issued at our Administration Office, located in downtown Nampa in the Hugh Nichols Public Safety Building: 820 2nd St. S. on the 2nd Floor.
The fee is $20.00 and it is valid for one year from the day you obtain it.

Conditions for burning to be explained at the time you obtain your permit.

For more information, please call (208)468-5770

*Recreational burning is not regulated by the Nampa Fire Department and does not require a permit. This includes fire pits, BBQ's and ceremonial fires.

When doing any type of burning, please be aware of the air quality and if it is permittable, per the Department of Air Quality. For information, visit their website.