Permitted Uses and Conditional Uses by District/Zone

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Schedule of District/Zone Land Use Controls


To determine in which district/zone a specific use is allowed:

  • Find the use in one of the Land Use/Building Occupancy Types on the schedule;
  • Read across the schedule until you see either a "P" or "C"
  • If you see a "P" the use is a Permitted Use
  • If you see a "C" the use is only allowed upon the issuance of a Conditional Use Permit in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 25
  • If you do not see a "P" or a "C" under a specific zoning district, the use is not allowed in that district
  • Review notes to determine exceptions, requirements and conditions for various uses

The Schedule is separated into nine land use/building occupancy types. To view or download the individual schedule for a specific land use/building occupancy type, click on the link below:

Zoning Ordinance Chapters