Subdivisions & Residential Development Design Guidelines


Nampa Residential Development Design Guidelines

In Nampa, a “SUBDIVISION” is defined as: The division of a developed or undeveloped tract or parcel of land into three (3) or more parts for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of sale or of building development; provided, that if any person within a calendar year divides any tract into three (3) or more parts, or if a new street is involved in any division of a parcel of land, such land shall be deemed a subdivision within the meaning of this title.

In addition, no person or party shall subdivide any zoned property that is located wholly or in part in the city after June 11, 2002, or subdivide land within the area of city impact after June 14, 1977, into more than two (2) parcels, unless he shall first have made, or cause to have made, a subdivision plat thereof as required by Idaho Code title 50, Chapter 13, and as set forth within this chapter, save where allowed otherwise in this chapter (N.C.C. §10-27-1 C).
The definition of subdivision shall not include the following:
  • A readjustment of lot lines which does not reduce the area, frontage, width, depth or building setback lines below the minimums required.
  • A subdivision of land into parcels where such parcels are no larger than one-fourth (1/4) of one fourth (1/4) of a section of land or are lots in a section of land all as shown on the official U.S. government general land office township survey maps including re-subdivisions thereof, or are parcels that are larger than forty (40) acres, all of which shall be designated exclusively for agriculture purposes, and which does not involve any new street dedication or the creation of private easement accesses to lots or parcels which could otherwise be provided access by a publicly dedicated street.
  • An allocation of land in the settlement of an estate or a court decree for the distribution of property thereunder with the stipulation that the land may not be divided into more than four (4) parcels with a size per parcel to be five (5) acres.
  • The unwilling sale of land as a result of legal condemnation as defined and allowed in the Idaho Code and when the dedication of a right of way for public purposes is initiated by a public body.
  • The exchange of land for the purpose of straightening property boundaries or adding land to existing parcels by trade or sale which does not result in change of the present land use or in any way result in land parcels which do not meet existing zoning and other regulations.

Subdivision Documents & Statutes:

In common with other municipal jurisdictions, Nampa City has chosen to exercise its right, as provided by state authorization (I.C. § 50-13I.C. § 67-65 and Article 12, Section 2 of the Idaho Constitution), to adopt and administer land and condominium subdivision regulations.

Nampa’s subdivision regulations apply to all lands within its incorporated limits. They also apply to its surrounding Area of City Impact where, in conjunction with the oversight of Canyon County, they are enforced in accordance with the City’s and County’s mutually adopted Joint Powers Agreement.

The overarching goals of the standards set forth in our city’s subdivision code (N.C.C. § 10-27) are to promote orderly and code compliant property development, division and conveyance opportunities with reasonable interpretations of law. Nampa's subdivision regulations help reinforce the right of land owners to make arrangements with their property for its development, gifting or sale.