Sign Code & Permits

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Nampa Sign Code
  • In common with other municipal jurisdictions, Nampa City has chosen to exercise its right, as provided by state authorization (I.C. § 67-65), to adopt and administer zoning (including permanent and temporary) sign regulations.
  • Nampa’s signage regulations apply to all lands within its incorporated limits.
  • The overarching goals of the standards set forth in our city’s sign code (N.C.C. § 10-23 & § 10-15) are to promote and balance orderly and code compliant business advertisement opportunities with orderly community aesthetics using reasonable interpretations of law to help reinforce the right of business land owners to promote their industry or land transaction opportunities.

Applications and Submittal Requirements:

The City of Nampa requires a registered sign contractor to apply for all commercial sign permits. Each permit submittal for a permanent sign must meet the following submittal requirements:

  • Site Plan: To scale with dimensions including:
    • North arrow
    • Location and dimensions of all property line, easements, and utilities and features.
    • Location of new and existing free standing signs on the property.
    • Location of vision triangle.
    • Location of service drives / driveways.
    • Notes regarding color and material of proposed sign.
    • Description of pole cover.
  • Elevation Drawing: Front elevation drawing / picture to scale with dimensions of the wall face and proposed sign.
    • Wall sign applications shall also include dimensions of existing signs.
    • For any sign program / center applications:
      • Include both a site / plan for the entire center and, if applicable, a site plan for each individual buildings site for which a free-standing sign is proposed. Include measurements indicating proximity to property lines and utility easements.
    • For any free-standing pole / monument sign over 12 feet in height:
      • Provide a scale foundation / footing plan showing all foundation depths, widths, and reinforcement, and/or anchorage.
      • Structural engineering calculations (stamped and signed by a registered architect or licensed engineer).
    • All sign applications must include:
      • Connection / Assembly Details
        • Poles signs: connection to the cabinet and top of the pole and connection of the pole to the foundation.
        • Monument signs: connection to foundation.
        • Wall Signs: connection of sign to building.