September 8, 2021

Irrigation season comes to an end September 15

The City of Nampa will shut down its irrigation system for the season Wednesday, September 15 to coincide with the canal water delivery shut-off date for Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District and Boise-Kuna Irrigation District. Pioneer Irrigation District is scheduled to end its season September 17, but our irrigation system is dependent on the full-service water delivery system from all three irrigation districts to function properly.

Given the drought conditions which have contributed to a shorter than normal irrigation season this date is dependent on weather events and available storage. As the Irrigation Districts near the end of their allotment, each district determines when and why they will shut off the water to customers, which includes the City of Nampa.

A reminder to City of Nampa water users: please do not use potable (house) water to irrigate your lawn as it will increase the water and sewer charges on your utility bill.

Irrigation Districts

The majority of Nampa’s irrigation water comes in the canal system from Lucky Peak. The Pioneer Irrigation District and the Nampa Meridian Irrigation District manage most of the canals and ditches in Nampa. In some cases these irrigation districts are solely responsible for the infrastructure leading to a customer’s property.

City of Nampa Pressurized Irrigation

In many subdivisions the City of Nampa Waterworks Division is responsible for the pressurized irrigation pump stations, water main lines, and curb stop valves.

The service line, which is between the curb stop and the sprinkler head, belongs to the property owner. The City will not repair a customer’s service line.

Over Watering

Water is a valuable resource in our community, for this reason over watering violates City Code.
Nampa City Codes Section 8-1-22 Waste of Irrigation Water
To report over watering send us an email.

Watering Tips

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Broken Curb Stop Policy


: There is someone on call after normal business hours, 365 days per year (208) 468-5860.

 Please Note: An emergency is any event that causes or threatens to cause damage to property, life or health. We understand your irrigation water is important to you. Please call the number above during normal business hours 8am-5pm Monday-Friday if you are experiencing water outages or low pressure and we will respond to you in a timely manner.