Street Division

If you see City employees in your neighborhood, please give them at least six feet of distance while at work. We want to ensure employees remain safe and healthy as they continue to serve our community. 

Street Building

A resourceful and responsive public service division that effectively and efficiently manages and maintains the City streets, alleys, and commercial corridors providing for a safe and efficient transportation system. We are Nampa Proud!

 Winter maintenance 

Purpose of Snow Maintenance

Snow and ice control measures are directed to achieve and maintain relatively safe traffic movement on public streets within a reasonable time period. Therefore, efforts are first concentrated on the main arterials, collectors, and school and hospital streets that carry most of the traffic. Residential, other low-volume streets and cul-de-sacs are initiated when resources are available.

The city has 865 miles of roadway and is divided into four snow zones, each having a plow designated to that zone, and two smaller rover trucks (a Ford 450 and a Ford 550) with plows for the smaller areas. 


In preparation for oncoming snow, identified arterial roads and some secondary roadways that have special features such as schools, Hospitals, and hills will be treated with brine, (deicer). This product prevents snow from bonding to the road surface as it is packed down by traffic. It provides a window of opportunity for staff to keep friction control on the road surface prior to a full-scale plowing being commenced. It also allows the salt to work at a lower temperature.

Our crew will apply Brine to overpasses, roundabouts, and hills when there is a prediction of ice and/or snow in the forecast.

We would rather err on the side of caution, and have everyone get to their destination safely. 

Please note the Following Important Information:

  • The City does not remove snow and ice from private streets, parking lots or driveways. Snow pushed in front of driveways will be removed by the property owner.
  • The City is not responsible for snow and ice control on sidewalks except those immediately abutting or within municipal facilities or properties. 
  • City parking lots, sidewalks and paved trails are handled by the Parks & Recreation Department.

Drive slowly and attentive, remember to leave for your destination a few minutes early. Don’t crowd the cloud… Please stay a safe distance back from the snow plows. We appreciate your patience. Thank you.


Please refer to the Snow and Ice Control Plan / Snow Cam Quick Link for more information, as well as our updates. 

For more information and monthly updates click here.  

Please stay safe.       

Who we are

Sweeping & Stormwater

The Sweeping Crews focus on sweeping main roadways before moving on to residential streets, which are swept an average of 3 times a year. Sweeping keeps dust down and debris out of the storm drain systems. Trying to schedule certain streets on certain days can be difficult due to sweeping being done in sections around the city, your patience is appreciated! Having low hanging branches and limbs from your curbside trees, shrubs and/or plants makes it difficult for our crew to sweep. This causes the sweeper to sit higher than usual and can cause damage  to mirrors, antennas, etc., which are costly in terms of repair. We ask you to please trim back vegetation.

Storm Drains 

The Stormwater Crew works diligently year-round to eliminate as much debris as possible from entering the storm drains. In cases were storm drain lines need to be cleaned out our crew uses a vacuum truck to suck out any debris that is sitting on the bottom of the catch basin. Storm drains are designed to handle normal water flow, but occasionally during heavy rain flooding may occur. Plugged or clogged catch basins can cause localized street flooding during rain events, keeping these clean and clear of debris helps in the functionality and minimizes water on the road and your property.

Traffic Signals & Street Lights

The Street Division maintains majority of the traffic signals and street lights throughout the city. The divisions Electrical Signal Crew works continuously on maintaining traffic signals, school zones, HAWKS, pedestrian signals, school flashers and concerns in regards to street lights.


The Street Division Sign Crew maintains street name signs throughout the city as well as updating signs in the pavement management zone.

Friendly Reminders

  • Residents should not push leaves, grass clippings or anything else onto city streets. It is against city ordinance 2087; 3-4-3 DUMPING UNLAWFUL: It is a misdemeanor to throw, discard or deposit any solid waste upon any street, alley, sidewalk or other public properties within the city.
  • It is almost time for Spring Maintenance! It may not feel like spring yet, but spring maintenance will begin soon. As potholes become an issue from our winter’s freezing and thawing, patching becomes a priority and will be addressed as weather permits. Once all priority locations are repaired, the crews begin scheduled maintenance in this year’s chip zone which will include crack seal, patching and possibly mastic.
  • State Highways, the Interstate, on/off ramps, and traffic Signals located by freeway on-ramps belong to the Idaho Transportation Department (208-344-8300).