Our MISSION is to protect the public from hazardous conditions related to construction and to increase energy efficiency through education and enforcement of State of Idaho adopted building codes.

The Nampa Building Department strives to provide timely plan review and responsive inspection services within the City of Nampa city limits through the enforcement of State adopted building codes for the health, safety, and welfare of citizens of the community. Permits are required before performing any new construction, building addition, alteration or repair of existing buildings and structures; including all plumbing, electrical, or mechanical work.

Please call us if you have any questions about our permit application process. 


In order to implement an equitable Development Impact Fee system for the City Capital Facilities, and to re-evaluate our current methodology of calculating impact fees, the City retained an Impact Fee Consulting Firm to prepare an Impact Fee Study. In accordance with Idaho Code, the Development Impact Fee Study was based on actual System Improvement costs or reasonable estimates of such costs.

In addition, the Development Impact Fee Study uses a fee calculation methodology that is net of credits for the present value of revenues that will be generated by new growth and development based on historical funding patterns and that are anticipated to be available to pay for System Improvements, including taxes, assessments, user fees, and intergovernmental transfers.

The Amended Development Impact Fee Ordinance No. 4420 has been passed and adopted by the Council of the City of Nampa on March 4, 2019 and shall become effective July 2, 2019. With this amended adoption, all development impact fees will be calculated utilizing the table found in the link below.

Current Impact Fees


                                                Parks   Police  Fire     Streets             Total 

(Per Housing Unit)
Single Family/Townhouse/     $1,699   $359   $560     $2,841             $5,484
Mobile Home                                                              

Multifamily                                    $1,699   $359   $560         $1,648                $4,291
(Duplex and Greater)

(Per Square Foot of Gross Building Area)

Retail                                                    $0.21  $0.28    $6.85               $ 7.36
Office                                                    $0.21  $0.28    $4.24               $ 4.75
Industrial                                               $0.21  $0.28    $1.52               $ 2.03

The updated Development Impact Fee Study and Capital Improvement Plans for Parks, Police, Fire ,and Streets may be found at the following link:

The City of Nampa offers a unique opportunity for commercial developers, builders, and property owners to meet with our staff from various approval departments to discuss local codes and requirements for their projects at no charge. Meetings are typically scheduled for Thursday mornings but special times and arrangements can be made upon request.

CPR meetings provide answers to a wide range of development questions including but not limited to: Planning, Fire, Building and Public Works Department requirements, sewer and water availability and capacities, traffic concerns, Southwest District Health requirements for restaurants, and permitting requirements.

To arrange a CPR meeting for your project, please download the CPR application, then email the application to Dawna Jenkins @