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The following notices are a courtesy and are not official until they are published in the newspaper of record. This list is subject to change. The final Agenda may be found on the City of Nampa Agenda Center webpage the week prior to the hearing. Please call 208-468-5484 or email hessek@cityofnampa.us for inquiries. Public Hearing Signup Link

January 25, 2022 - Planning & Zoning

ZMA RS6 Short Plat for Sharon Subdivision East of 502 Sunny Ln (ZMA 157-21 & SPS 040-21) 

Triple Crown/Thueson Chisum Estates Sub at Happy Valley and Amity (ANN 220-21PUD-008-21, & SPP 095-21) 

Comp Plan Map & Text Amendment & Impact Area Boundary Expansion (CTA 011-22 & CMA 052-22)

Harmon CUP for Recycling Containers 1517 Madison Ave (CUP 249-21)

Miller CUP MF in BC 0 Caldwell Blvd (CUP 248-21)

February 1, 2022 - Planning & Zoning SPECIAL MEETING BEGINS AT 5:30 PM

Binder CUP for Kennel License 612 9th Ave N. (CUP 250-21) 

Brown  ANN to IL 17530 Midland Blvd (ANN 224-21) 

Wardle DAMOD, CUP for Manufacturing in BC, CUP for multi-family in BC - Nampa Gateway Center (DAMO 052-21CUP 251-21CUP 252-21) 

Winter CUP for Auto Sales & Repair 612 1st St S. DV zone (CUP 254-21)

Smith CUP for Kennel License 421 Fairwood Pl. RS6 5 dogs (CUP 253-21)

February 7, 2022 - City Council 

Cushing ANN to RS8.5, SPP for Terrace Falls Sub (ANN 219-21 & SPP 094-21) 

Wagoner Reconsideration of ANN to RD for future Wood Poppy Sub at 0 Northside Blvd. (ANN 204-21)

Wagoner/Trilogy ANN to RD and Prelim Plat for Valente Sub at 0 Ustick Rd. (ANN 205-21 & SPP 083-21)

LDK Ventures ZMA from BC to IL 0 Shannon Dr (ZMA 155-21)

Colwell/TO Eng. Steven's Place ZMA RS8.5 & BC 0 Iowa Ave (ZMA 158-21 & SPP 098-21) 

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