Upcoming Public Hearings

These notices are a courtesy and are not official until they are published in the newspaper of record. This list is subject to change. The final Agenda may be found on the City of Nampa Agenda Center webpage the week prior to the hearing.  Please call 208-468-5484 or email hessek@cityofnampa.us for inquiries.

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August 2, 2021 - City Council

ZMA-144-21: Kauffman Rezone from BC to BC & RD at 0 Iowa Ave for Steven's Place - 36 Townhomes.

VAC-050-21: Bullock - Vacation of storm drain easement 504 Bayhill Dr.

VAC-051-21: Wilson - Vacation of sewer easement 1817 Sunny Ridge Dr.

VAC-052-21: Luna - Vacation of utility easement 1104/1112 W Flamingo Ave.

August 10, 2021 - Planning & Zoning Commission:

ANN-203-21: Warren - RS8.5 for utilities 1525 Southside Blvd.

CUP-234-21: Georgevitch Home Occupation CUP for Firearm Sales in RS8.5 at 11674 W Collina Vista Dr.

ANN-206-21 & DANX-014-21: City of Nampa - Right of Way annexation for multiple parcels and deannexation of ROW on 11th Ave.

ANN-207-21: Depue Annexation RS6 for sewer 1427 Southside Blvd.

August 16, 2021 - City Council

DAMO-040-21: Gem State Planning MIddlebury Subdivision Development Agreement Modification 12246 Orchard Ave.

ANN-202-21: Cornell annexation and zoning to RS6 for utilities 1028 N Middleton Rd.

VAR-109-21: Runia Variance of 15' landscape buffer at Tom Scott Motors.

VAR-108-21 Mussell Variance of screening of mechanical units at 525 and 515 N Broadmore Way for Idaho Arts Charter School.