12th Avenue (SH45) HAWK Crossings (11th & Sherman)

12th Avenue South between 7th Avenue South and Lake Lowell Avenue is one of the highest accident areas in Nampa. In the past five years there were 238 crashes with 145 injuries, including bicycle and pedestrian injuries. In response the City sought out and received funding from the Local Highway Safety Improvement Program (LHSIP). The project will install High Intensity Activated Pedestrian Beacon (HAWK) crossings on 12th Avenue South at 11th Street South and Sherman Avenue. Each project will include the installation of a HAWK signal, street lighting, signage, striping and pedestrian ramps. The locations were identified as the number one priority in the 12th Avenue Access and Safety Study.  
12th Avenue HAWK Crossing Locations

Construction Impacts

Impacts to nearby businesses and the traveling public should be minimal. Work will primarily occur on the roadway shoulder and will be coordinated with Idaho Transportation Departments micro-surfacing project on 12th Avenue South (SH45).


Funding for the projects comes from a Local Highway Safety Improvement Program (LHSIP) grant. The total project cost is $535,914 and the City's share is $30,937 out of the Streets fund.