11th Avenue North/Industrial Road Reconstruction - Complete

After a series of unexpected delays, the 11th Avenue North/Industrial Road reconstruction was finally completed in March of 2018.


A series of significant challenges hindered construction of the 11th Avenue North intersection, resulting in the continued closure of Industrial Road and Sugar Street. The project was on schedule for completion in November until an underground boring drill hit a 6-inch diameter abandoned steel pipe about 9 feet under the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) tracks. UPRR was unaware that the pipe was under the tracks. The pipe was removed late fall/early winter 2017 but much of the remaining work including asphalt paving could not be done until temperatures rose. More information is detailed in the November 13, 2017 press release below.

November 13, 2017 Unforeseen issues delay reopening of 11th Avenue North 
September 26, 2017 Extended Closure Press Release
July 17, 2017 Detour Press Release
11th Avenue North Reconstruction Postcard

Project Description

11th Avenue North (Stampede Drive to North of the railroad tracks), Industrial Road (North 20th Street to 11th Avenue Extension) and North 20th Street (Industrial Avenue to the end of 20th) were reconstructed. Pedestrian ramps were installed and missing sidewalk sections filled-in. Railroad crossings, drainage, irrigation and waterlines were improved or upgraded. Roadway shoulders were widened to accommodate bicycle lanes.
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  Vicinity Map2017
Detour Route


Unforeseen issues, combined with colder temperatures delayed completion of the project. The project was expected to be complete late fall 2017 and was actually finished Spring 2018. 


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