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Posted on: May 25, 2016

City of Nampa will chip seal 15.6 miles of streets beginning June 6


Weather permitting, the city of Nampa Street Division will begin to chip seal streets on Monday, June 6. Nampa plans to chip seal 15.6 miles of city streets for a cost of $574,576.

Drivers are cautioned to reduce speeds during the chip sealing process and avoid parking on affected streets when they receive notice of chip sealing in their areas.

There are fourteen road sections that will be chip sealed, the first being Franklin Boulevard from Birch Lane to the city limits north of Elm Lane, followed by Elm Lane from Franklin Boulevard east to Prescott Lane. The remaining chip seal will be on the north side of town beginning with Cherry Lane. See the complete list of roads to be chip sealed below, along with a link to a map and FAQ concerning chip sealing.

When all of the scheduled roads are chip sealed, crews will proceed to fog seal and then finally to re-stripe the roads.

The Street Division website will be updated with work progress, along with any weather related delays. Visit:

Chip sealing is a common, cost effective, pavement maintenance practice that extends pavement life and provides a good driving surface. Chip sealing is about one-fourth to one-fifth the cost of a conventional asphalt overlay.

City of Nampa 2016 chip sealing schedule
June 6 to July 28 – this is an approximate schedule:

1. Franklin Boulevard: from Birch Lane to city limits north of Elm Lane
2. Elm Lane: from Franklin Boulevard east to Prescott Lane
3. Prescott Lane: from city limits south to Elm Lane
4. Cherry Lane city limits: from Madison east to city limits at Star Road
5. 11th Avenue North: from city limits south to Cherry Lane
6. Birch Lane: from Franklin Boulevard east to Idaho Center Boulevard
7. 11th Avenue North: from Birch Lane south to Comstock Avenue
8. East Karcher Road: from Franklin Boulevard around complex to Fargo Avenue west back to Franklin Boulevard
9. 16th Avenue North: from the overpass north to Garrity Boulevard
10. 3rd Street North: from 16th Avenue North east to Sugar
11. 1st Street North: from East Railroad to Northside Boulevard
12. Northside Boulevard: from Exit 35 to Birch Lane
13. 6th Street North: from Northside Boulevard to 1st Avenue North
14. Broadmore/West Railroad: from Northside Boulevard to the Traffic Building

Fog sealing will begin once chip sealing is completed.

Street Division website
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