Miscellaneous, Temporary & Transient Uses

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See Section 10-1-12 for Provisions Applying to Miscellaneous, Temporary, and Transient Uses.

A Temporary Use is defined as any activity on a site operating for a limited time of operation.  Such uses may include, but are not limited to seasonal event related or holiday sales of products or placement of temporary structures on a lot incidental to construction occurring on the lot, outdoor sales of merchandise, food stuffs, temporary residences, office or use of a permanent structure visiting carnivals or amusement businesses recycling containers placed on a site and/or any other uses which the director or his/her authorized designee may deem as able to function without permanent permits for a short time as allowed by this code.

A Seasonal Use is defined as any temporary use where merchandise is sold in connection with a holiday season or the growing season. These uses shall include, and are limited to, the following: produce stands, fireworks stands, pumpkin sales lots, christmas tree lots and farmer's markets.  Fireworks stands are permitted through the Nampa Fire Department, please call 468-5762 for more information on fireworks stands. 

For questions about specific uses refer to the following: