In common with other municipal jurisdictions, Nampa City has chosen to exercise its right, as provided by state authorization (I.C. § 50-13, I.C. § 67-65 and Article 12, section 2 of the Idaho Constitution), to adopt and administer land and condominium subdivision regulations.

Nampa’s subdivision regulations apply to all lands within its incorporated limits. They also apply to its surrounding Area of City Impact where, in conjunction with the oversight of Canyon County, they are enforced in accordance with the City’s and County’s mutually adopted Joint Powers Agreement.

The overarching goals of the standards set forth in our city’s subdivision code (N.C.C. § 10-27) are to promote orderly and code compliant property development, division and conveyance opportunities with reasonable interpretations of law. Nampa's subdivision regulations help reinforce the right of land owners to make arrangements with their property for its development, gifting or sale.

In Nampa, a “subdivision” is defined as the division of a developed or undeveloped tract or parcel of land into three (3) or more parts for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of sale or of building development; provided, that if any person within a calendar year divides any tract into three (3) or more parts, or if a new street is involved in any division of a parcel of land, such land shall be deemed a subdivision within the meaning of this title.

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